Getting started with Apple’s iOS samples

It all started with me seeing an original Mac in a computer store in West Lafayette, Indiana when I was going to Purdue University in the 80s. Playing with MacPaint was magical, and when I finally got a Mac Plus a year later, I spent the better part of three days in ResEdit, looking through everything to figure out how it was put together. This was followed shortly by a purchase of Lightspeed C and a volume or two of Inside Macintosh, and a picture of me working through a book on 68000 assembly language is below. Good times, and I still bleed six colors.

So, we come to 2018 and this iMac I’m sitting in front of, and I’m still at it. iOS is definitely where Apple is putting its hardware and software efforts these days, so let’s start going through the sample code for iOS. While Apple has an excellent new Documentation page which is great for getting an idea of all the frameworks, services, and tools at your disposal for application development, I’m going to focus on the iOS sample applications in this series of posts.

To get started

You’ll get a list of 233 samples (at the time of this writing), and sorting by date, we see they start in mid-2009, almost 9 years ago:

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 7.13.02 AM

There’s a lot to go through, so let’s get started!